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LLUSION Collaborates With MXMTOON for Newest Single ‘Walk But In A Garden’

Prepare to be surrounded in a lush, lo-fi soundscape.

LLusion 2020

Californian artist and producer LLusion has reinvented walk but in a garden with the help of mxmtoon and the result is a fantastic, dreamy piece of lo-fi music that will satisfy all of your sweet cravings. Making the most of mxmtoon’s evocative and charming vocals, you’ll find yourself swept in a nostalgic bliss as a soothing picture of laid-back summer days is vividly painted. The gentle hum of electronics creates a dreamy background for rich saxophone tones to complement, and sparkling synths add an ethereal touch to wrap up the mellifluous accompaniment.

Speaking more about the track, LLusion shares:

It’s always just been a feel-good song. Every time I hear the first piano chord, it automatically makes me think about last summer and how my life changed forever. ‘walk but in a garden’ has a lot of meaning to me. I love what mxmtoon does. She’s singing a beautiful verse on it. With her on it, it sounds complete, like it was meant to be this way all along.