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PROPS Releases Fearless New Single ‘Easy’

Exciting artist props has released his new politically-charged single Easy.

props 2020

South London artist props (the brainchild of mark gilyead) has released a new track titled Easy. The song could be perceived as politically-charged as it’s centred around the economy and how people are competing with each other.

Fast paced and anthemic, Easy features catchy electronic beats, prominent electric guitars and raw vocals that are more than ready. Despite the message of the song, the tune creates more of a summer atmosphere as it’s definitely one that could be played at a festival with thousands of people singing and dancing along to it. Easy is as frantic as it is crafted, the perfect blend of summer and importance. 

Speaking on the track, props says:

This is another musical complaint letter to ‘The Man’. Just this time with more angry cowbell than my other tracks.