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CRAIG IRVING Drops New Single ‘Let Go’

Returning to his vibrant, all-encompassing, bedroom-pop sound with his newest single Let Go, Craig Irving proves again that he’s a uniquely charming force to be reckoned with.

Craig Irving 2020

Not only is Let Go immensely catchy and full of life, but Craig Irving’s stand-out vocals shine once again on his latest track. A cool, bubbly riff that can only be likened to drumming on PVC pipes shows the creativity the young Scotsman carries in his musicianship. Over an array of electrifying, lo-fi guitars the chorus rings out brightly: “We’re two perfect stars, but we won’t align” – a brutally honest, but deeply loving thought. The moment where the music stops and Irving’s voice stands brightly in a sea of silence is a truly special one. Although it is not obvious that this moment is coming, you can feel the build sending your pulse racing. For it to culminate so beautifully is the cherry on top of the already fantastic Let Go sundae.

Discussing Let Go, Irving stated:

‘Let Go’ comments on wondering whether a relationship is going to work, no matter how well suited two people might be.