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BRIJS Shares Exultant New Single ‘Stay Up, Stephanie’

Bursting with sunshine and energy, Stay Up, Stephanie is the energising new cut from Brijs.

Brijs 2020

Guitar-pop musician Brijs returns with his third single from his upcoming album Glitra, a musical documentation of the artist quitting his job and leaving London to chase a new perspective and thus characterising the work as one of pursuit. Explaining more of this theme, Brijs says: “Our mid-twenties were a second coming of age. You do a lot of growing in your teens but something bigger happens in your twenties. It’s when we first become truly independent. We spent that time chasing what it meant to be ourselves outside of our upbringing.” He continues, “Friendship, joy, trust, intimacy, understanding, identity are all like continually shifting points on the horizon – they are boundless in nature and therefore endlessly pursuable. That’s how I see that period of time… A mismatch gang in a crumbling old vessel, travelling towards our personal unknowns and at the same time, towards each other.”

His newest single Stay Up, Stephanie draws upon the positive affirmations of these themes in a galloping, high-energy drive as guitars race against infectious vocals to deliver a turbo-charged sound. The track is inspired by the story of his friend Stephanie, who left a night out early with the only set of keys to their AirBnB and falling asleep before the other 12 members of the group returned, therefore leaving them stranded outside for the whole night. Sharing more about this, Brijs elaborates:

This song is about that feeling of arriving at your favourite venue, with your favourite people in tow and having everyone invested in the night lasting for as long as possible. No one wants to be the first one to fall.