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FLAWES Release New B-Side ‘Number One’

“You’re still number one,” you’ll sing through sobs, dancing your heart out to the achingly emotional yet downright catchy B-Side, Number One by British trio, Flawes.

Flawes 2020

What starts as a moving ballad with calming, chord-heavy piano, emphasizing the sweet lyrical content and broody voice, Number One builds into a robust, guitar-fueled pop banger. The emotive, husky stylings of Flawes vocalist, JC, boldly details the sadness of a failed relationship, bringing heartbreak to life. Strong showings from the guitarist, Freddie, and the drummer, Huss, further the trio’s adeptness at blending melancholy with optimism, creating the perfect oxymoron. The accompanying video, filmed earlier in July after reuniting post-isolation, follows the group as they revisit places essential to their journey as Flawes. Filmed and edited to look like film roll from the 90s enhances the nostalgic, reminiscing sonic aesthetic of Number One.

On why Number One was chosen and what it’s about, JC explained:

For me ‘Number One’ was my obvious choice. It’s ultimately a break up song, a look back at a failed relationship and reminiscing ‘what could have been’. It takes a different structural approach to normal which I love, it’s almost like 2 songs glued together. It’s going to be a fun one to play live.