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SASA ZOLA Shares Stunning Debut Single ‘It’s Ok’

Bristol-based Italo Senegalese singer Sasa Zola delves into mental health struggles on her debut single, It’s Ok.

Sasa Zola 2020

Soothing and relatable, It’s Ok is a graceful introduction to Sasa Zola. Tackling the important theme of mental health and inner battles we all experience sometimes, the track is sure to strike a chord with many listeners. Opening with a sparkling acoustic guitar, the song effortlessly flourishes into an electro-tinged pop delight. Topped with the mellow tone of the singer’s voice, It’s Ok makes for a charming slow-burner that emanates warmth with every note.

Speaking on the new single, Sasa shares:

We all have a mental health and IT’S OK if you don’t feel ok.