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DI-RECT Release Pumping New Track ‘Color’

Encouraging us to put aside our differences and thrive as a collective, DI-RECT’s latest track Color is an affirmation of the joys of life.

DI-RECT 2020

Dutch quintet DI-RECT are driven by a zeal and zest for life that is becoming increasingly rare to find these days; having the courage to push forward with their goals and visions, embracing every aspect of their journey, and confronting the mantra ‘you’ll never exist again’, their passionate ethos is reflected in an equally searing sound in their music. Combining a myriad of influences from soul to rock, the final product is a delightfully affirming sound that explodes with vibrancy and energy. Color, their newest track, is the perfect example of the irresistible nature of their charismatic sound as it pulsates through your veins in a chorus of pounding drums and rousing vocals.

Sharing more on the track, the band elaborates:

COLOR is about putting our differences aside. Only by doing so can we start embracing our true combined potential.