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SÄTILÄ Reveals New Song ‘Bend And Break’

Bend And Break is the latest offering from Finnish artist Sätilä that will have your heart bend out of shape.


Sätilä, aka Teemu Sätilä, is set to release his debut EP, on the verge of something, on September 18th, and Bend And Break brings in all the feels. A product of some of the time he spent in Sydney, Australia, the track was written with the help of fellow songwriter and friend Denny Feltwell. Directed and written by Teemu Sätilä and Jyri Tengström, the accompanying visuals keep it to the point. Featuring Sätilä himself behind the piano delivering the track like we were the only ones watching, the video harnesses the beauty of the vocals with a gorgeous location. For those who have been missing gigs this year, aka the whole planet, this will give you up close intimate show to fill the void.

Speaking on the new release, Sätilä shares:

It talks about the difficulty of making a decision even if you had the drive to move forward in your life. It has a nostalgic and melancholic feeling to it that I just love.