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DREAMER BOY Reveals Visuals for New Single ‘Know You’

Nashville’s Dreamer Boy celebrates friendship in the new video for his heartfelt new single, Know You.

Dreamer Boy 2020

Dreamer Boy is the musical brainchild of Nashville-based singer and songwriter Zach Taylor. Following his 2019 indie-pop marvel, Puppy Dog, he’s now treated us to a mesmerising slice of dream pop with his new single Know You. Heartwarming and mellifluous, the track glimmers with subtle guitars and fluttering synths, interflowing with tender vocals to create a pure melodic bliss. With its home video footage, featuring clips submitted from fans and friends, the nostalgia-inducing visual accompaniment mirrors the enthusiasm and affection captured within the lyrics of the song, allowing us a glimpse into the unique world of Dreamer Boy.

Speaking on the new release, Zach shares:

Hello friends,

I am so overjoyed to be sharing this first song and video. Back in March at the beginning of quarantine we were searching for a creative way to make a video about friendship. We asked all of you around the world to submit your favorite memories from your friendships. Every time I watch this video I am put into every single kind of relationship/friendship that can exist, we all need each other, we all need a friend. What an amazing thing to feel known and loved by another person. All that to say, thank you for sharing your life with us for the sake of spreading this message, this is truly so meaningful to me.

All the love, Zach