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JORDANA Shares New Single ‘Divine’

Jordana gets personal in her delightful new single, Divine.

Jordana 2020

Divine is the first taste of Jordana‘s upcoming new EP, To You. The six-song collection is the completion of a two-part series she kicked off with Something To Say EP in July. The two EPs will be compiled together to make up Something To Say To You LP, set for release on December 4th via Grand Jury Music.

Finding solace in her music, Jordana manifests strength and confidence as she reflects on toxic past relationships in her newest single. A subtle yet infectious blend of electro-tinged pop bliss, Divine is a therapeutic offering, glistening with cinematic synths and honey-glazed, tender vocals that burst into an intoxicating chorus. Topped with candor and introspective lyricism, the track is a form of catharsis for the young artist, marking her true growth as she finds herself on the long road to mental recovery.

Speaking on the new single, Jordana shares:

‘Divine’ is a song I wrote that speaks on the exhausting cycle of emotional battles and mental recovery that I’ve endured from past relationships.

Jordana To You EP 2020


  1. Interlude
    2. Divine
    3. Fuck You
    4. Decline
    5. I Guess This Is Life
    6. Reason