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DEVAN Teams Up With COREY HARPER on New Single ‘Almost’

Confronting the challenges of navigating love and young adulthood has never sounded better than the collaboration between Devan and Corey Harper for her new single, Almost.  

Devan 2020

Falling in love with Almost is the easiest thing to do. The plush, hook-laden track from singer-songwriter Devan is everything you could want from a guitar-leading pop song. Her gorgeously golden vocals riff off Corey Harper’s equally warm timbre. The give-and-take dynamic, along with the moments of harmonization, makes Almost a total standout track. Supporting the vocals, Devan lyrically strikes a chord with lines like “I’ll be there with one foot out” and “But if there’s 10% of me that don’t know / I can only love you almost.” It is unabashed honesty through a lens of uncertainty.

On the release of Almost, Devan said:

Corey Harper has one of my favourite voices in the world. I’ve been a fan of his music for a while, and when I was living in LA earlier this year, I had the honour of meeting him and recording ‘Almost’ together. It’s a song that has always felt special to me because it touches on the very real uncertainty that comes with navigating through your 20s. Together with Kyle Reynolds and Adam Boukis we created something I’m so proud of, and I’m so happy that it’s finally out in the world.