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NAROU Unveils New Single ‘Hesitated’

Time to take a moment to indulge yourself throughout the latest track from narou titled Hesitated

narou 2020

The textured synths, energetic drum beats and smooth tone is the ultimate combination. And narou has got it down to a fine art. Looking into more of the relationship realm and trying to navigate around the speed bumps, Hesitated has an approachable pop element that is always appreciated and leaves me wanting more. The track is taken from narou’s fresh EP GOOD COMPANY that offers a polished collection of tracks, marking an emotional journey which I feel like 2020 has been for everyone.

Speaking on his new EP, narou shares:

Like so many others, I often struggle to be myself and to communicate my true emotions and feelings In relationships, especially when they are new. My own insecurities combined with other peoples constant input and opinions about how to do things really enhances my impulsive and indecisive behavior.

This EP really was a big emotional outlet for me. It helped me to process everyday life and the challenges we face with people close to us. This is also why I chose to involve my brother and sister as close collaborators on my visual vision because with them I can truly be me and they help me communicate myself to the outside. All the people involved in this project are close friends and loved ones.