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DYLAN DUNLAP Shares Stunning New Single ‘What We Had’

Dylan Dunlap has unleashed a monumental tune that you will be completely devoured by.

Dylan Dunlap 2020

The LA-based talented artist has all the bases covered; songwriter, singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. What We Had is the second single lifted off Dylan Dunlap‘s forthcoming EP, Soldier On, set to be released on the 5th of February. Directed by Tim Toda, the accompanying video takes a trip down memory lane, showing personal moments from Dunlap’s childhood. It makes the track feel that more powerful and intimate. It just proves how important visuals can be in conveying the narrative of the song as well as opening up to your fan base and bringing them in closer.

Speaking on the new single, Dylan Dunlap shares:

With it, I’m choosing to open up the conversation about toxic masculinity, alcoholism, depression/anxiety, the diagnosis of my mental health condition, and coping through it all while still allowing room to grieve. My dad took off 6 years ago this summer and since then, there has been nothing but the craziest updates that could write a soap opera. I feel like this song can finally be my opportunity to share my perseverance into adulthood and my refusal to worry about turning into him any longer. “I try so hard to think I’m not my father, I forget about what makes me who I am” sums up that message in the pre. I think it’s way more effective to sing from a vulnerable place than try to sound/look like somebody else.