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HAPPY. Release New Single ‘Background Noise’

The South Carolina band has delivered their latest single, Background Noise, just before the release of their sophomore album Imposter Syndrome.

Happy 2020

Background Noise is the follow-up to A Cure For Wellness, their August single.

Whereas A Cure For Wellness focuses on the viewpoint of the addicted (“Thought you knew me better but you didn’t”), Background Noise is the exposition of Tate Logan’s reflection of the experience and mainly of forgiveness. He begs the person to give him some closure by telling him he’ll be alright and he offers to carry the weight of his addiction and recovery together. With a solid bass line and a melodic guitar riff, the track has the perfect pop punk feel.

As vocalist Tate Logan describes it:

Both songs focus on the story of someone very close to me that I love very much struggling with addiction. ‘Background Noise’ in particular is a reflection of the experience from my side. It is a song full of forgiveness and understanding and love. After a lot of time and thought, I realize now how I could have handled the whole thing better.

It’s undeniably, having listened to the past four singles, that Imposter Syndrome deals with the lowest lows, but the band explains that the album also has a silver lining; describing the highs of travelling, making friends and living the dream. A balance true to life and a promise of a consistent pop punk album.

Imposter Syndrome is due out on October 30th via Rude Records.