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MAGNUS CHAPPLE Unveils New Single ‘Trust The Process’

Exploring the feeling of finding ‘the one’, Trust The Process is a soulful slow-burner from Magnus Chapple.

Magnus Chapple 2020

Hailing from Salisbury, Magnus Chapple offers yet another delightful taste of his musical talent with atmospheric new single, Trust The Process. A song about a burgeoning romance, Trust The Process captures the passion and excitement of a new love in the blend of jazz-infused instrumentals and sultry undertones. Baritone vocals gracefully dance atop of pulsating bass lines and auxiliary percussion, unfolding a compelling narrative about love and fate. With an R&B flavour added to the mix, Trust The Process wonderfully mirrors a myriad of emotions one experiences when meeting that special someone.

Speaking on the new track, Magnus shares:

This song was inspired by the excitement and hope you feel when you meet that perfect person. It can be easy to lose your head when you finally come face to face with the love of your life but all you have to do is trust the process and everything that is meant to be will be. I wrote this song in the height of lockdown when I had been apart from my partner for 2 months and was inspired to recount how I felt a multitude of emotions from moment we first met.