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REFS Reveal New Single ‘Run’

Run is the latest sprawling and captivating track from duo Refs that will have you breathless.

Refs 2020

The NYC/Berlin-based pair, Refs, aka Rich Saunders on vocals and Zach Lipkins is the man behind the production, have exceeded themselves this time with their new track. As the title suggests, Run is quick paced from the get go and keeps it up throughout. Reflective and monumental, this song defiantly hypnotizes and gets into the crevasses of your soul you didn’t know were there. The emotive production laid down on this is spectacular and allows the lyrics to expand and enthral you. Exploring their progressive and expansive sound, Run is the second taste of new music from the duo, following Nice which featured Jonah Mutono.

Speaking on the release, Rich Saunders shares:

I don’t think I’m alone in that quarantine forced me to sit with myself and evaluate. Stuff I usually try to forget about, both consciously and subconsciously – painful memories, demons, weird dreams, regrets – became a lot harder to avoid. One thing I started thinking about a lot was my own and my family and friends’ mortality. I know it’s kind of morbid for a pop song, but I wrote this tune with Zach last spring as a self-reminder that life is short and fleeting. Might as well spend your time doing exactly what you care about the most.