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CHILLHUM & DEVYN SAWYER Harmonize for New Single ‘Waste My Time’

Like a summer spent on the lake, the vibes put forth on Chillhum’s latest track are warm, relaxed, and wonderful.

Chillhum 2020

Waste My Time, Chillhum’s new collaboration with Devyn Sawyer, sets the stage for one last summery hoorah before winter truly descends in the northern hemisphere. The mix of catchy acoustic guitar and snappy drum beats accentuate Sawyer’s silky voice. When their vocals collide in beautiful harmony, it is as if you’re basking in the warm sunshine. It is impossible to feel unhappy while they serenade your eardrums. Accompanied by loving lyrics like “honey, come waste my time, you know that I’d waste my life with you”, the artists have made magic with Waste My Time.

About his song, Chillhum said:

For ‘Waste My Time’ I had been super inspired by all the recent acoustic-electronic hybrid songs I had been hearing lately so I programmed an upbeat catchy drum pattern, picked up the acoustic guitar (as is one of my absolute favourite ways to write) and began to come up with some strumming patterns that fit the groove of the drums. This is a super simple instrumental but it really is all about the groove between the acoustic guitar and the drums, which I think is a common thread found through a lot of my music.