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CHILD Unveils New Single ‘Cover Up’

Prepare to be allured by the fresh and expansive track from CHILD titled Cover Up.

Child press 2020

Cover Up is the third offering from Devin Coogan aka CHILD and what a way to bring us into his world. His tantalising vocals are the star of Cover Up, evolving and sprawling in glorious ways throughout the song. Production is magical with keeping the balance of minimal yet dense, whilst patient guitars and delicate violins give it a sense of delicacy that resonates with the touching and aching lyrics. You can’t help but fall deep into the atmospheric moment CHILD has built here.

Speaking on the new release, CHILD shares:

‘Cover Up’ reaches out to the rejected, disappointed, misjudged, suppressed, anxious. It’s a gentle assurance, that they are not alone. The lyrics serve as an exchange between two individuals: one attempting to hide; the other drawing them out—out into safety and self-definition. It’s an invitation to feel, to heal, and to take steps to move forward. It’s my redemption story and I know it can be others’ too.