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ELEONOR LÉONE Shares New Single ‘Karma’

Karma is the latest vivacious offering from Sweden’s Eleanor Léone.


Coming from her upcoming EP, Karma is a statement track from the Swedish artist. Eleonor Léone has expressed how she experiences insomnia and harnesses that time to explore her artistry. You can hear that tone within in her newest offering. Her electronic-pop taste is energetic as it should be, but with a diverse type of flavour. It requires you to delve a little deeper below the surface. It appeals to a diverse audience which has reflected her touring in cities like Tokyo, Singapore and Barcelona.

Speaking on the new track, Eleonor explains:

What is Karma? Why are we so afraid of it? Is it all made up in our heads? Maybe. In this case, Karma represents our inner demons. The ones that keep you away from being who you really want to be. The one who judges you all the time. The one that binds you tighter, day by day.

This song is about anxiety, sleepless nights and how thoughts can create a prison in your own mind.

I think everyone can relate to the feeling of not always being able to be your true self. You put yourself down and judge yourself based out of fear, and fear breeds fear. And the more space you give something, the more real it becomes.