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PAEVE and YOSIE Team Up for Dreamy New Single ‘Feels’

Whether its the honeyed vocals or stripped-back guitars that end up swaying you, prepare to inevitably fall head-over-heels for Feels.

Paeve 2020

Growing up in Amsterdam, PAEVE is not your average 19-year-old; refusing to let his creative visions be constrained within the limited confines of his bedroom, he searches deep within himself for genuine authenticity and invites you along on this journey with his dreamy electronic sounds. He’s at the helm of his musical ship, demonstrating full mastery of layering beats and blending electronics in a seamless manner to create a visceral and mellifluous sound. With his latest single Feels, he collaborates with Yosie, whose enchanting vocals are the perfect complement to his whimsical sound and it is a winning combination to make you fall head-over-heels for the song.

Speaking more of the process on how the track came into being, PAEVE shares:

‘Feels’ was written and produced during the first months of the corona pandemic. The song represents a feeling of uncertainty and disbelief whilst reflection on what’s currently happening in the world. The track starts off with an acoustic guitar layered with some dreamy pads that sets the tone and mood throughout the whole song. I really fell in love with the contrast of having punchy drums combined with organic soft sounds and vocal chops. My team decided to send the track to YOSIE, a super talented singer based in Berlin. I immediately resonated with the vocals which made the track evolve into something special.