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NEON ISLANDS Unveil Searing New Single ‘MOON’

Hitting you with octave vocals and honest lyricism, Neon Islands’ latest track MOON is sure to strike a chord with listeners.

Neon Islands 2020

London-based quartet Neon Islands are quite the mixed bag; four musicians hailing from different countries, they first crossed path when studying at university in Guildford, and found a shared home in music. With such varied experiences across the board, they channel all of their unique influences to create attention-grabbing and resonant music, full of glittering synths and captivating vocal harmonies. They create a space for you to share and confide your feelings in, and with their most recent song MOON, it allows for an emotional catharsis whilst tempting you to dance along at the same time.

The band elaborates:

‘MOON’ explores the deep challenges that come from the day-to-day routine of a long-distance relationship. The main theme of the song is the confusion generated by the sadness of being apart. Starting a long-distance relationship is like going through a breakup, except for the fact that the lovers are actually trying to salvage the relationship, not to end it. Other than that, all the feelings are exactly the same. The temptations and distractions of their trivial routines make the lovers become strangers “It’s strange how we’re becoming strangers so soon.” With an addictive vocal melody and an unforgettable synth-infused chorus, ‘MOON’ is drawn in contemporary pop- rock rhythms that will make everyone dance.