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MEHRO Unveils Stunning New Single ‘lightning’

LA-based rising star mehro explores the duality of the human existence in his spine-tingling new offering lightning.

mehro 2020

Marrying the bittersweet nostalgia of the moments past with the infinite possibilities of the future, mehro‘s music is sure to resonate with every part of your soul. Intimate yet universal, lightning is a follow-up to his previous singles perfume and hideous, and adds new layers to his songcraft as he continues to charm listeners with touching lyricism and elegant soundscapes.

“Everybody has a story / And ours hasn’t started yet”, mehro gently croons on his enchanting new single, creating an aura of pure bliss and fleeting dreams. A poetic take on the duality of the world, lightning soars high with an acoustic guitar-led accompaniment and warm vocals that will wrap you up in a soft sonic blanket in no time. With a knack for poignant storytelling, mehro offers a great dose of harmony and emotional depth within his work, cementing his status as one of exciting new artists to look out for.

Speaking on the new track, mehro shares:

The song is about the duality of existing: loneliness and companionship, love and fear, life and death, nights you wish could last forever, and days you wish could be forgotten. One summer night, I got to witness my first lightning storm, and with my experiences and outlook on life, this song was what came from me.