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PREMIERE // ED STAAL Shares New Single ‘3AM’

Close your eyes and melt into the blissful beats of Ed Staal’s newest song 3AM.

Ed Staal 2020

Having racked up over 100K Spotify streams already for his previous singles, rising star Ed Staal is guaranteed to bolster those numbers even further as he shares his hypnotic new song 3AM. Native to the countryside of Hertfordshire, Ed’s musical creativity was fostered from a young age, with nearly all of his family members playing an instrument and supporting his writing endeavours. Now, Ed has nailed down a near-perfect formula for unforgettable and meaningful songs with personal lyrics and soothing electronics, offering you a perspective outside of your own to reflect upon universal feelings. His velvety voice is sure to send shivers down your spine, and the sultry backing vocals layer on the intimacy to create an irresistible allure. Cocooning you in a blossom of warm synths and fervent guitars, 3AM is just the track to calm your mind when you find your mind racing at a million miles per hour.

Exploring more of the track, Ed shares:

I wrote ‘3AM’ on the back end of a heavy night out at uni, one of the last we would have before the looming dissertation/exam period. Those stresses at the time combined with a deep comedown hangover ended up being what inspired the song, which I think almost everyone has experienced before!

My favourite part of the track is the instrumental which I virtually totally improvised and kept adding layers to, it kinda creates an atmosphere of calm, like the end of the night was coming followed by building back up with the feeling that morning is on its way.

Of course people aren’t out partying because of the pandemic at the moment, but hopefully they’ll be able to familiarize themselves with some of the things I mention in the track and remember all those feelings we’ve all had at 3AM aha!