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EP Review // HANDS LIKE HOUSES ‘Hands Like Houses’

Blessing us with summer vibes during autumn times, Hands Like Houses’ self-titled EP is nothing less of a bundle of joy to listen to on a rainy day, dreaming on the good old sunny days.

HLH 2020

With calm sadness carefully wrapped in a day-dreaming inspiring sound, Hands Like Houses’ self-titled EP romanticizes escapism and makes you wanna pack your bags and go wherever the wind guides you.

The Australian rockers kick off the EP with The Water and Space, emanating a simmering eagerness to wash off the city, break free from its noise and chaos and conflict, while confessing a deep feeling of not belonging and a hopeful wish for an uncharted future.

All the bottled up restlessness finally erupts in Dangerous, which stands out from the rest of the set through its explosive guitars, dynamic drums but also through its lyricism sprinkled with a plethora of playful antitheses. Stranger continues with the high energy vibes as it revels in the freedom of anonymity, however, taking the excitement to the next level by unleashing the so far subdued vocals (which comes almost as a kind reminder of HLH generally heavier trademark sound).

Wired wraps up the set, coming as a perfectly balanced song, by incorporating and summarizing the album’s themes and also by combining the dreamy atmosphere of the first two with the lively beats of the next two.

Overall, Hands Like Houses is a very refreshing EP, which keeps the essence of the band’s captivating sound and lyricism, while revealing a new, lighter dimension of their artistry. While this is a less heavy, rather alternative rock EP compared to what HLH have released so far, this collection of songs is a delight to listen to.