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SMALL DOGS Unveils New Single ‘dar es salaam’

Whisking you back to a wistful memory, far away from the reality of lockdown and pandemics, dar es salaam is the blissful debut single from Londoner turned New York local small dogs.

small dogs 2020

Between London and New York, small dogs is an artist who has gotten a fair share of the city hustle and bustle in his life, but you would not be able to tell from his laid-back debut single dar es salaam. Channelling soothing vocals alongside ambient electronics, dar es salaam gently opens with intimate electronics before stirring into an expansive soundscape with rousing clicks and docile vocal harmonies. Evoking daydreams and thoughts of a pre-lockdown world, it was penned as a fancy of imagination from the fire escape of small dogs’ apartment to a summer of idling on the coasts of Africa. So do yourself a favour for today; whoever you’re feeling rushed and swept up by the pace of the world, allow yourself to indulge in the comforting embrace of dar es salaam.

Teasing us more with hints of what’s to come, small dogs shares:

I’ve always been really inspired by the visuals in films like ‘Diva’ by Jean-Jacques Beineix or the ‘Three Colours’ trilogy by Kieślowski etc so the cinematic element has always been really important to me. So with this new project I’m collaborating with NYC Filmmakers and Creatives, John Oricchio of DRB Films and Greg Washington of Channel XIII Media to produce some really cool visual content. We’ve started teasing that on the small dogs instagram and there’s plenty of that to come over the course of the first few releases.