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JOSH FUDGE Dazzles With New Single ‘Summer Something’

Amidst a cloud of euphoric synths and sugar-sweet melodies, Josh Fudge reminisces upon the bitterness of lost love.

Josh Fudge Summer Something 2020

Oklahoma City-based Josh Fudge is not dissimilar to other teenagers of his age, sharing the same woes that many 18 year olds are confronted with. Yet instead of meandering through life, making nothing of these shared experiences, he channels them into woozy, irresistible melodies and striking lyricism that echoes through relatable feelings. With his newest single Summer Something, he delves into the common bittersweet musings that accompany lost love, a feeling that is almost inevitable to anyone trying to navigate the world of romance and relationships. Through swooning synth lines and fuzzy guitars, the syrupy melodies make it just that little bit easier to accept the hard-to-swallow emotions driving the lyricism.

Sharing more about his intentions behind the track, Josh explains:

‘Summer Something’ is a melancholy song filled with lush synths, simple but tight basslines, and quaint drums that make for an easy listening experience reminiscent of a more psychedelic Mac DeMarco. Written about the bittersweet reality that two lovers will have to split after summer’s end, this track takes you on a journey sure to make you reminisce about losing love while swimming in its rich but simple harmony.