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MARCELO DE LA VEGA Shares Debut Single ‘Told You’

Argentinian-Australian artist Marcelo De La Vega makes his introduction with poignant, coming-of-age debut single, Told You.


With a dark alternative tinge to his sound, Marcelo De La Vega masterfully marries sharp indie instrumentals with melodic pop subtleties. Musing over his first love, Marcelo’s debut single Told You is a stirring piece of guitar-driven music that captures the passion of a burgeoning romance and the bitter truth when it comes to an end. Packed with gritty guitars and honest lyrics, the track shines with the expressive vocal performance as it glides over the emotionally-charged accompaniment. Told You is the first single to be taken from Marcelo’s forthcoming debut EP, out next year.

Speaking on the new single, Marcelo shares:

‘Told You’ is about the naivety of falling in love for the first time and how we think it’s going to last forever, but it seldom ends up that way. There are always older people putting you down saying ‘it’s only young love, just you wait’ and sadly they’re usually right, so when you break up, there’s a ‘told you so’ moment.

It’s about the feeling when I thought I was going to be with my first love forever and we were going to take over the world, but then some things happened, we went through actual testing moments like an adult couple, like moving to a different country together and sharing our finances but ultimately realised that we weren’t mature enough to deal with these situations we found ourselves in.