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MATHIS XAVIER Reveals Video for New Single ‘Homesick’

Canada’s Mathis Xavier finds freedom in moving on with his captivating new single, Homesick.

Mathis Xavier 2020

Mathis Xavier offers up a first taste of his upcoming EP, set for release in Spring 2021, with his blissful new single, Homesick. Serving us a delightful genre cocktail, the track is a delectable combination of pop sensibilities and jazzy instrumentals with a dash of soul music. His distinctive vocals paired with introspective, revealing lyricism add a nostalgic quality to the track, as Xavier opens up about letting go of the past and embracing his own vulnerabilities in the process of moving on.

Speaking on the new release, Mathis Xavier shares:

‘Homesick’ is about finding the strength to leave situations that don’t serve you anymore, even if it feels like home. I initially wrote it about a long distance relationship, but my collaborators (Sam Jackson Willows, Joseph of Mercury) came up with this new chorus that spoke to me on even a deeper level, as a queer artist that left the farm I grew up on at 17 and never looked back. I then added some French lyrics to really bring it close to home, and there it was. For the video, I actually went back to that same farm, and road tripped my way to freedom.