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Daily Archives: November 6, 2020

Simen Mitlid 2020

SIMEN MITLID Unveils New Single ‘Smoke’

Mellow and emotive, Smoke is a glimpse into the fantastical world of Simen Mitlid. With a penchant for intriguing storytelling, Norway’s Simen Mitlid continues to draw listeners in to his world of musical wonders with his tender new single Smoke. Taken from his third album Birds;

Glass Caves 2020

Band Of The Week // GLASS CAVES

Releasing their new EP A Spin Around The Sun, Glass Caves mark the start of a new era with a renewed focus and a sharpened motivation. You might have previously known the Yorkshire band Glass Caves as a group collective, but as they return for

Psyence 2020

PSYENCE Return With New Single ‘Retrospect’

Unflinching in its confident approach, Retrospect is the brazen reminder that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Following on from the release of Tusk, alternative rock band Psyence continue sharpening their musical style and building their presence with rousing new single Retrospect.

uforia 2020

UFORIA Share Blistering New Single ‘Start Me Up Again’

Start Me Up Again is a euphoric, guitar-fuelled fantasy that is simply irresistible with its charismatic charm. Toronto-based quartet Uforia had humble beginnings as a solo project for vocalist and guitarist Michael Ursini, before it expanded to take on its current larger-than-life character. With this

Ludic 2020

LUDIC Share Infectious New Single ‘Terrified’

Exploring the all-too-familiar fear and struggle of making a life-changing decision, Ludic offer up groovy new tune Terrified. Having mastered the blend of indie pop with modern soul and jazzy subtleties, Ludic elevate their sound to new heights with their new single Terrified. A story

Drones 2020

DRONES Release New Single ‘Josephine’

Putting its foot down at last, Drones’ high-energy Josephine breaks free from the shackles of toxic love. Energising and rebellion instigating, Drones‘ head-banger worthy Josephine is the breakup anthem you never knew you needed to free yourself from the chains of a toxic relationship. With