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Daily Archives: November 23, 2020

Josefine 2020

JOSEFINE Unveils Catchy New Single ‘Dreamin’’

The songstress orchestrates electronics and tender vocals into an irresistibly hooking pop single with Dreamin’. Stockholm has certainly shown itself to be something akin to a Nordic pop capital, being home to the Rytmus Music High School which has produced an admirable list of alumnae

Dizzy Spells 2020

DIZZY SPELLS Drop Hypnotic New Single ‘Pool’

With glittering synth textures and a light melody reminiscent of summer, Dizzy Spells evoke a nostalgia for warmer days with their latest single and video Pool. Describing themselves as ‘three happy guys’ based in Los Angeles, we really cannot disagree with that autobiography as we

Eiza Murphy 2020

EIZA MURPHY Shares New Single ‘Taxi’

Irish singer-songwriter Eiza Murphy tackles dishonesty and superficiality in her alluring pop cut, Taxi. Now based in London, Eiza Murphy tops off her debut single, Black Hole, with a delightful new offering Taxi. Creating an aura of minimal aesthetics, Murphy gracefully navigates the world of