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EYELAR Dazzles With New Single ‘Doin’ It Again’

Emotionally vulnerable and heartrending, Doin’ It Again from the rising star Eyelar is an absolute pop stunner.

Eyelar 2020

Following the release of her summer pop banger Say It With Your Eyes, Doin’ It Again shows a more intimate and tender side to Eyelar‘s songwriting. Filled with lush melodies and heart-on-sleeve lyricism, the track captures the moment of falling in love with your friend and the doubt and uncertainty that comes with it. Eyelar’s heavenly vocals flow atop of a smoothly produced track, creating a dazzling and stirring cut of pop music. With elegance and radiance to her sound, Eyelar is sure to grace your ‘Ones To Watch’ list.

Speaking about the track, Eyelar shares:

Have u ever been really good friends with someone and thinking there’s more? Unspoken feelings, looking at each other 10 seconds after the conversation is over, thinking it might all be in your head and then they tell you you’re cute. ‘Doin’ It Again’ is about being in love with your friend. P.s. they never kissed me by the end of the song.