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Backstage With WINONA OAK

As gigs are on pause, Home is the new Backstage. Get behind the scenes with Winona Oak this week.

Backstage With...Winona Oak GIG GOER

Taking us to the beautiful Swedish scenery, Winona Oak invites us for a walk with her dog as we discuss writing songs and poems during lockdown, self-reflection, and escapism during these uncertain times. To capture her time at home, she wrote:

when the sun says goodnight at 3pm and leaves you surrounded by cold and naked trees, I’m happy to have a furry friend like Shanti

What advice would you give to your pre-lockdown self?

  1. Make sure to hug your mom and dad a lot, you won’t be able to do that for a long long time.
  2. Enjoy looking at people’s beautiful smiles, watch them as they’re laughing and kissing – soon it’s gonna be impossible for you to read their face expressions.

How, if at all, did lockdown impact your music making and producing process?

It affected my creative process a lot. A big part of the magic that happens when you make music is when you’re able to sit down in a studio and vibe with people, it’s not really the same thing over Zoom hah. But writing songs and poems on my own has been a really good way to vent my emotions throughout these crazy times.

Backstage With...Winona Oak GIG GOER

What has been the most unexpected/challenging part of lockdown, whether pleasant or unpleasant?

To slow down and find joy in the present. Living in quarantine for so long wasn’t easy but it offered me an opportunity to slow down and self-reflect. It’s like we’ve all been so busy chasing the future that we’ve forgotten how to appreciate the beauty of the life we’re living right now.

How would you sum up your 2020 in one sentence?

A rollercoaster of uncertainties.

If you had a quarantine character, what was it like?

The Sims gamer? Haha I played a lot of The Sims on my computer, guess it was a fun way to escape reality for a bit. To create a world where corona didn’t exist.

Name 5 things that got you through lockdown.

Love, movies, music, friends, food.

Backstage With...Winona Oak GIG GOER

What’s the most interesting thing you discovered over lockdown (could be a revelation about yourself, a new TV show, a new hobby)?

Me and my boyfriend learned how to make sourdough bread and it was a lot harder than I thought (lol). We even planned our days around it so we could feed the dough and stuff hah. Something we normally wouldn’t have the time or patience to do.

What lockdown trend do you think we should take into the future, and which ones should we ditch?

I think we all need to stop taking our health and this planet for granted. We need to travel less and give our Mother Earth some time to heal. The same goes for our bodies and minds.

What are your hopes and dreams for 2021?

That this world will be a better place. At least a little better than this year that I know has been really devastating for a lot of people. Musically, I wish that I can perform live at some point and I can’t wait to share more visuals and songs with everyone.

What does music mean to you?


Backstage With...Winona Oak GIG GOER Backstage With...Winona Oak GIG GOER Backstage With...Winona Oak GIG GOER Backstage With...Winona Oak GIG GOER Backstage With...Winona Oak GIG GOER Backstage With...Winona Oak GIG GOER Backstage With...Winona Oak GIG GOER

You can listen to Winona Oak’s SHE EP here.