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GOODVIBES SOUND Share New Single ‘Sane Or Sinner’

London duo Goodvibes Sound delve into the intricacies of romance in their lo-fi indie pop tune Sane Or Sinner.


Following the release of their debut single, Beachside Living, earlier this year, Goodvibes Sound offer up a second taste of their lo-fi indie/bedroom pop blend with Sane Or Sinner. With a psych-tinged flavour to the sound, Sane Or Sinner shines with sultry bass tones, retro synth variations, and warm vocals gliding over a textural electronic. Exploring the complex dimensions of attraction and affection, the duo marries laid-back production with a darker lyrical theme, creating a tune perfect for both lonesome sleepless nights and warm sunny days.

Speaking on the new release, Angus from Goodvibes Sound shares:

It’s a weird one but I think everyone has been in that situation where you find yourself really attracted to someone who isn’t all that great. ‘Sane or Sinner’ is really just exploring that experience. Sometimes the highs and the passion can feel worthwhile, but it always comes back to this question of whether it’s really worth it.