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SAM NARDELLA Unveils New Track ‘Feel I Found It’

California’s latest addition Sam Nardella finds himself trapped on a quest to ‘wholeness’ and self-purpose in his newest serene single Feel I Found It.

Sam Nardella 2020

Los Angeles-based bedroom indie-pop maker Sam Nardella unveils more surprises of 2020 as he releases new song, Feel I Found It. Following his previous single, Wild Voices, the latest track feels airy and light, built on a euphoric soothing soundscape and not too overpowering rhythmical drum beats. Drawing inspiration from the surf at Sunset Boulevard and the hillsides of Echo Park, where Jackson Browne and the Eagles found their sound, the singer explains that Feel I Fount It comes from: “Memories of a future time, space and somebody that gives a reason why. When I’m in nature I collide with the reason for existence. I aim to capture that feeling of wholeness in this song.”