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KATE LYNN Unveils New Single ‘Sorry For Being Sorry’

Nashville-based Kate Lynn tackles the theme of toxic relationships in her latest electro-pop track, Sorry For Being Sorry.

Kate Lynn 2020

Reflecting on her past relationship, Kate Lynn finds the strength in music as she shares an introspective new single, Sorry For Being Sorry. With a darker tinge to the sound, Sorry For Being Sorry is an atmospheric piece of alt-pop, flowing with soft piano notes, hypnotic beats and sincere vocals. Delving into her own experiences, Lynn offers a sense of empowerment and self-worth through the mellow melodies and revealing lyricism that lies at the core of the track.

Speaking about the new single, Lynn shares:

‘Sorry For Being Sorry’ is an expression of what it feels like to be in a disappointing relationship that takes and never gives. It was a song that, as I wrote it, I realized how much I allowed this person to make me feel like I was constantly in the wrong. You should never have to apologize for who you are. I hope it gives to people just as much as it has given to me.