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MOUNTAIN BIRD Returns With Haunting New Single ‘It Won’t Be Easy’

Allowing his thoughts to spill out unfiltered, the emotional poignancy of It Won’t Be Easy makes Mountain Bird’s newest track one of his most touching yet.


Mountain Bird, the moniker for Swedish musician Adam Öhman, has come to be associated with profound lyrical messages and stirring melodies for most listeners. This connection is strengthened through his raw new single It Won’t Be Easy, a fervent cut that wells with emotion as it explores our digital dependency.

Inflamed with passion and imbued with deep-seated melancholia, the feeling underlying the track transcends through the speakers in a series of synth pads, ethereal vocals, and magnanimous drums to become an almost visceral grip upon you. A sense of expansive vastness is created through echoing vocals and atmospheric electronics, sweeping across your thoughts and pleading you to pay attention to the issues raised on the way we interact with technology, and the effect it is wreaking on our lives and mental health.

Asking the questions ‘Will we be able to solve this? Will we unify and create better solutions and work together with technology to not only be more efficient but to feel good mentally?’, It Won’t Be Easy rouses you to do some deep pondering on the routines of your life.