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TSR Welcomes the New Year With ‘I’m A New Me’

With playful electronics and groovy synths, TSR makes his debut with I’m A New Me.

TSR 2020

Phew, we made it out of 2020 alive. What a chapter to leave behind, and what better way to do it than to completely reinvent yourself? I’m A New Me tackles this exact feeling, although in the context of a romantic relationship gone sour. But regardless of your motivations for wanting to transform yourself, the feeling of liberation that accompanies such a change is elating and the track captures this rejuvenated vibrancy with its buoyant synths and lively vocals. Sliding between notes, the melody is never still for too long and conjures an irresistible energy field that you can’t help moving along to. Piercing electronics and charismatic beats elevate you to a high for the duration of the track, and provide you with the confidence to reconnect with your values and experience renewal.

The single marks the debut from Washington D.C. musician TSR, a self-taught songwriter and producer who reflects and documents his experiences as a young, gay man through his music. It will serve as the lead single for his upcoming EP Bummer Boy, which further explores the realm of love and the accompanying heartbreak when it is lost too soon.