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HAZEY Share New Single ‘Saying Goodbye’

Bristol duo Hazey unveil new empathetic single Saying Goodbye.

Hazey 2021

With the underlying anguish you’d come to expect from traditional emo music, and the finesse of modern indie-pop production, Hazey’s new single Saying Goodbye could easily take the title of being “the latest covid anthem.”

On their social media the band describes their new single as “an outlet of emotion based on the past year of struggle, upset, love, uncertainty.” Adding that it is also “the beauty of a long-distance relationship based in 2 continents.”


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To start, the track is quick to resonate with its opening of comfortingly warm guitar and loverlorn vocals, that offer a moment of refuge from the world’s current shroud of loneliness. Before long Saying Goodbye is bursting into a bristly textured instrumental break that could undoubtedly represent the languishing anger felt by those struggling to stay connected within fragile relationships.

That same emotion is carried into the chorus with a vengeance, as pummelling drums are beating in time with your heart. However the building guitars and ethereal ambience, brings a bubbly and bright sensation, akin to the feeling of hugging someone you’ve missed, to the forefront.

During this near four-minute track Hazey prove they are able to echo the raw contentiousness and commiseration of early emo music through their lyrics while simultaneously uplifting listeners with their musicianship and ability to empathize, offering a sense of solidarity and a moment of fleeting euphoria.