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BAD HEATHER Releases Summery New Single ‘Her Sorry’

With tongue-in-cheek lyricism and effervescent beats, Her Sorry is the bubbly-sounding breakup track that we can all do with in our lives.

Bad Heather 2021

20-year-old Utah native Porter Chapman is the brains behind Bad Heather, the fun new musician on the block that works through relatable life experiences in an irresistibly catchy manner. Growing up, Porter had always been surrounded by a plethora of musical influences with both of his parents being musically-inclined in their careers. It’s no surprise then, that his own sound takes inspiration from various styles and melds them together into something uniquely summery, upbeat, and hooking. His latest single Her Sorry sparkles with bright guitars and snappy beats, and the staccato bass line adds a further level of boyish charm and youthful appeal to the track.

Opening up about what prompted him to write the track, Porter shares:

I wrote ‘Her Sorry’ about my toxic ex. I was done with all of her drama, her lame excuses for being terrible to me and everyone around her. She was hedonistic to the point of being a sad cliché. Needless to say, I don’t miss her. This is one of the most direct songs I’ve ever written, but who doesn’t want to tell their terrible ex to fuck right off? The chorus is light and bubbly because I’m stoked to be rid of her. There’s also a hardcore punk vibe to the track. I thrashed the drums really hard on this one.