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JOSH FUDGE Unveils Woozy New Single ‘Hit My Line’

Kick back with the wavy new release from Josh Fudge, Hit My Line.

Josh Fudge 2020

Romantic reminiscing gets a delightful sonic make-over in Josh Fudge’s newest single Hit My Line. The 18-year-old instrumentalist and songwriter from Oklahoma City has hit a new milestone in his musical journey as he also releases his debut album Fun Times, and it does exactly what it says on the can; between the groovy bass lines, the laid-back rhythms and the mellifluous guitars, he pulls you in with a hypnotic sound and it’s a feeling of pure musical bliss in your ears.

Hit My Line will have you kicking your feet up and lying back with its relaxed rhythms, washing around you in a hazy swirl of easy-listening textures. You’ll find yourself bobbing your head along to the groovy percussion while the nostalgic vocals and yearning guitars will evoke a deep sense of vulnerability as Josh pours out his anxious thoughts on paper. Spilling out the slight regret and wistfulness that comes with falling out with a person, the falsetto tones of his voice almost couches and softens the full extent of the emotional blow without reducing the ability to connect with the feeling. It’ll be exciting to see what new doors will open for the young musician with this newest chapter.