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EMMA MCGRATH Releases Rousing New Single ‘Paradise’

The single comes as part of her Settled In Motion (Silent Minds Pt. 3) EP, the last in a trilogy of thematically related EPs.

Emma McGrath 2020

UK musician Emma McGrath releases the finale of her trilogy of EPs with Settled In Motion (Silent Minds Pt. 3), and shares new single Paradise alongside. The trilogy documents Emma’s journey towards acceptance and personal growth, not just in her life but also musically as her sound matures and evolves through the works. Emma explains of the series title, “I’ve called the EP ‘Settled In Motion’ because I think I’m understanding myself more. I’m feeling more settled. I think in these songs I’m accepting life as it is.”

The feeling of acceptance comes across strongly in Paradise, as it rouses and soothes with its passionate pianos and balladic lyricism. Opening with Emma’s raspy vocals, the low register allows the vulnerability and the emotion to shine through in the airy quality of her voice, before a soaring chorus takes flight and sends a host of tingles through the listener. Speaking more on the lyrical inspiration behind the track, Emma opens up:

I think I developed this mindset where music always got in the way of my friendships. I’d always miss birthday parties or other random stuff and over time I’d slowly lose touch with people. So I guess this song is about finding someone you love, but being scared of it not working and always assuming you know how it will end. Maybe it’s a kind of protection.