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JENNY KERN Unveils New Single ‘Coming Back For Me’

Jenny Kern finds comfort in solitude in her hypnotic new single, Coming Back For Me.

Jenny Kern 2021

The Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter kicks off 2021 with an atmospheric slice of her indie pop blend, Coming Back For Me. Exploring the heavy feeling of lonesomeness that enveloped the world, Jenny Kern looks inward and finds strength in her music. Through a shimmering texture of hazy synths, gentle piano and airy vocals, she conjures up a world of harmony on her new single, allowing us to share in her struggle with isolation. A stunning slow-burner, Coming Back For Me is an endearing song and a soothing relief for soul-suffering that we all need right now.

Speaking on the new single, Jenny Kern shares:

‘Coming Back For Me’ is a song about solitude. It’s about being alone and learning to be okay with it. Especially during this time, with everything going on in the world. There’s a tension between the inner self and the outer world. How we learn to deal with our emotions, our experiences and our pain. It’s a process and this song helps guide people through it especially with the build of the song.