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WORLD’S FIRST CINEMA Share Stirring New Cut ‘Cold Sets In’

Complete with stirrings strings and a tender piano harmony, Cold Sets In is the heart-tugging latest single from World’s First Cinema.

World's First Cinema 2021

Although World’s First Cinema may not be the most familiar name to you yet, the two masterminds behind the project will likely ring a bell for you. Consisting of Fil Thorpe, a founding member of Neck Deep, and John Sinclaire, who has also gone by the musical moniker Saint Claire, the pair has a vast amount of experience and knowledge accumulated under their belts and ready to elevate them to the next level for this newest collaboration.

Their newest single, Cold Sets In, offers a glimpse into the expansive and intricate world that their music inhabits. With cinematic strings and poignant piano progressions, you’ll find yourself whisked away by the tender cello lines upon which soaring vocals deliver a charged performance. The depth of the emotions carried by the different layers will send shivers down your spine, and leave you feeling touched. The single release comes in anticipation of the duo’s forthcoming debut EP, which is set to arrive this Spring.

Explaining more of the inspirations behind the release, the pair shares:

The song continues on to lyrically explore how pain and strife can bring you closer to loved ones. But even when that pain causes you to step away, we learn that starting over can be the most important part of the journey. This track is the first ballad esq offering the band has released and acts as a clear indicator that we can expect a more emotional side of this project in the future.