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PAINTED ON Release New Single ‘REWIND’

REWIND is the electronic-indie offering from Painted On.

Painted On 2021

Taken from cloud*chasers, the newly released EP, REWIND is one of the latest singles from NY duo Painted On. Covering topics such as climate change and the general motif of life, and the regrets we feel amongst them, REWIND is about doing exactly what it says on the tin: rewinding. We often wish there was a reset button whilst facing personal struggles but, as the chorus says, “we’re just a moment in time that we can’t rewind.”

The track is an amalgamation of genres, taking on tones of electronic alt-indie, and using a bed of textures to get their message across. A music video to visualise their story is in the works. Painted On manage to wrap listeners in uncertainty and question their mortality, but ultimately guide them to hope.

On the track, Painted On say:

We hoped to encapsulate the battle between one’s future self and past self. There’s an interesting duality there where both parties are equally responsible for the result of the decision… ultimately, there’s a level of despair to it all – knowing we have one life to live and a finite amount of ways to live it. We both struggle with our own mortality, and music is our way of coping with that.