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FLØRE Shares Stunning New Single ‘Dead Boys’

FLØRE channels her inner killer into her new pop stunner, Dead Boys.

FLORE 2021

Following the release of her debut EP, SUPERBLOOM, last year, Dead Boys is the first taste of FLØRE’s forthcoming new EP, expected late Spring 2021.

With grace and elegance to her sound, the new track further showcases FLØRE’s flair for penning endlessly-playable pop tunes. Driven by invigorating guitars and galloping drums, the verse masterfully builds up the tension before it crashes into the wave of swelling melodies in the chorus. Exploring her alter ego and the darkness that resides within, FLØRE’s sweet vocal tone gently brushes against the more somber lyricism, creating an emotionally-charged song that bursts into a shimmering pop glory. Melancholic yet oddly comforting, Dead Boys is a true gem that is sure to get stuck in your head for days.

Speaking on the new single, FLØRE shares:

I thought, maybe in another universe I’d be a killer. And ‘Dead Boys’ is about that split character I feel living inside of me. Some things will never completely heal and thinking about the ones who betrayed and left me, still makes me mad. When I break things off, it’s forever and I was inspired by taking the saying ‘You’re dead to me’ literally.