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DYLAN DUNLAP Releases Heartwarming New Single ‘Follow My Echo’

Finding Nemo-inspired track Follow My Echo is the latest offering from Dylan Dunlap.

Dylan Dunlap 2020

LA-based Dylan Dunlap creates music “that would have helped my younger self,” using his words and sweet melodies to fight the stigma and raise awareness around mental health. His latest track, Follow My Echo, does just that.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, artists have found ways to intertwine it into their writing, to spread messages of hope and positivity; helping us try see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Dylan Dunlap is no different, but he’s gone about it in a very unique way, in that he’s used ‘Finding Nemo’ to analogise how the world’s feeling. Follow My Echo is… adorable. Its soft instrumentals combined with Dunlap’s vocals provide a very calming effect, and the single brings a little light to these bleak times. Who knew a song about the journey of a couple little fish could make one so happy?

On the track, Dunlap said:

[I] really struggled when quarantine began. I didn’t want to write about COVID, so I decided to write about Finding Nemo. It holds such a special place in my heart as I resonate with the message of learning to let go of somebody, but never giving up on them… We’re all going to make mistakes along the way and it’s up to us to encourage one another to try our best.