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NIA WYN Releases Comforting New Single ‘Come Home To You’

All about being completely infatuated with your other half, Come Home To You is an upbeat, cheesy love song from Nia Wyn.

Nia Wyn 2021

Welsh-born, London-based Nia Wyn is a storyteller, and her unique, unorthodox voice is what makes her soul-jazz fusion sound different. Wyn has been releasing music since 2019 and with support from artists and radios all through the industry, she’s definitely something special. Her upcoming EP, Take A Seat, is set to be released on March 19th and the latest single to be taken from it is the soul, RnB-infused single Come Home To You.

The track is very much a love song, but the layering of the instrumentals and Wyn’s voice give it an energy that fills you with comfort and the feeling of utter bliss with a partner is radiated. An honest, open, in-your-feels single, Come Home To You will, no doubt, make you feel all in love.

On the single, Wyn said:

‘Come Home To You’ is a soul tune about being in love with someone you’ve been through a lot with, and just wanting to actually have that time with them instead of the daily grind, and wasting hours not being happy.