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TASH SULTANA Charms With New Single ‘Blame It On Society’

Tash Sultana charms with lead single Blame It On Society, lifted from sophomore album Terra Firma.

Tash Sultana 2021

Multi-instrumentalist and all round musical mastermind Tash Sultana dazzled the world with her debut album Flow State, and there’s more of where that came from as she shares her sophomore offering Terra Firma. The goal of this album was clear and unequivocal; to make music that bares all honesty and venture beyond the comfort zone into new territories. Tash is unafraid for her music to come from her truth “because if it does, you’ll never fuck up. I want to be an artist and make music non-stop, and just set the bar for myself every single time.… I just wanted to feel better, be better, perform better, play better, sing better. To be a better musician. And I think this record does that.”

If lead single Blame It On Society is anything to go by, she has done a cracking job at doing just that. Effortlessly fusing a myriad of influences from funk, R&B, and soul, Tash conjures a glittering soundscape with vibrant textures and irresistible grooves. Mellow touches of vibraphone sparkle amidst laid-back acoustic guitars, while soothing vocals are the cherry on top to draw you into a place of warmth. Tash shows herself as a true musical force to be reckoned with, and we remain excited to see what else is up her sleeve.