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INDY DANG Shares Dreamy New Single ‘Hibernation’

Experience blissful bedroom-pop at its finest with Indy Dang’s latest single, Hibernation.

Indy Dang 2021

Californian musician Indy Dang unveils lead single Hibernation, lifted from his sophomore EP Winter. Charming with woozy guitars and irresistibly luring vocals, it’s a delectable slice of bedroom pop that draws out the best features of the genre as it offers a musical retreat and respite from whatever else is happening in your life. Singing ‘Cause I’ve seen enough, I’ve heard enough and I need a holiday’, the tender vocals resonate deeply especially during current times when the monotony and repetition of daily living is starting to get to us.

Speaking more about the track, the musician shares:

I wrote ‘Hibernation’ about finding solace in sleep. Times have been so tough for everybody – it feels like every day there’s more bad news to process. So sometimes, you want to hit the snooze button on your problems and avoid them for just 5 more minutes. Sonically, I wanted to embody that idea of escapism by making the production as dreamy and fun as possible! It’s very much, “I know the world around me is collapsing, so I’m going to have a dance party in my dreams.”