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DEVAN Unveils Tender New Single ‘Conclusions’

Sharing her debut solo EP with the world, Conclusions is the poignant finale from Devan to this exciting first chapter.

Devan 2021

Toronto-born, London-raised musician Devan looks to further her mark this year as she shares her debut EP, Pink Noise. Drawing upon her own uncertainties and reflections on her life, the EP tackles the musings that come with navigating the 20s and provides an unfiltered introduction to the artist. Explaining more about her inspirations behind the EP, Devan divulges:

‘Pink Noise’ is about insecurity, but it’s also about being able to breathe out and feel a sense of relief towards my revelation that my reality is formed by my own perceptions. Writing songs for me is a way to uncover my underlying feelings about something – putting elusive emotions into tangible sentences, and coming to terms with them. My only guideline for writing these songs was to try to be as honest with myself as possible, and follow my instincts without all the self-inflicted barriers that I usually let get in the way.

The heartfelt offering is wrapped up by the candid finale Conclusions, which also forms a stunning stand-alone single that will grip your heart with its soaring vocals and stirring accompaniment. With lush, expansive electronic tones to guide you through, this first chapter of Devan’s story is only the start.